What we do?

Head Start develop applications across a variety of platforms using the latest software development technology stacks. Generally our work can be categorised as below. Please click on a heading to learn more.
We develop great software using the latest Microsoft technologies for both desktop and cloud based solutions. Utilising the power of .NET, ASP MVC, MS SQL and Azure cloud services we can efficiently deliver powerful, access anywhere solutions to meet your business requirements.
Big Data requires its own set of tools in order to transform business data into visionary information. We can ensure your data is ready when you need it, where you need it and in the shape and state that best serves your business.
Microsoft Excel has evolved into a powerful business tool that combined with its familiar user interface can be utilised in a variety of situations. With its VBA programming language ability Excel can access SQL data, 3rd party web services and to fully automated to ensure your solution is optimised to meet your needs.
Our team utilises a variety of mobile technologies to deliver effective business enterprise applications to all major mobile platforms. These include cross platform tools that allow one code base to be deployed across all platforms resulting in shorter development times and lower code maintenance.
In todays connected everything EDI is at the centre of almost any solution. Whether exchanging data via traditional text files, with middleware solutions or across real time web services we can ensure your data flows seamlessly through your extended organisation.
Mike Colwill leads our team with over 20 years experience in software development and business consulting. He is backed up by our dedicated and experienced off shore team that affords our projects responsive scalability and competitive cost of development.
Head Start can develop a customised e-commerce solutions to allow for seamless B2B e-commerce. Sales channel integration is a common extension of in-house or cloud based ERP systems. This allows for a custom fit with your industries business processes (and that of your clients) whilst allowing you to implement a generic ERP solution.


Some recent software projects that Head Start have worked on are listed below. Click on a filter to filter by category and click on a tile for more information. Please contact us to discuss your project and discuss our experience in your sector and/or project requirement.


Head Start can assist you in realising your business objectives by developing functional, extensible and maintainable software solutions.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can apply the folliwng areas of expertise to your project.


The Head Start team has covered allot of ground to get here. With over 15 years of software development experience over a wide range of technologies we focus on delivering solutions using best of breed technologies. Predominantly Cloud, Desktop, EDI, B.I solutions are delivered using Microsoft technologies and mobile is delivered using Android, Apple or hybrid technologies. We have delivered software solutions to, and have strong hands on experience in a wide variety of sectors such as:



Management Consulting










Head Start identifies strongly with ‘Kime’, a term in martial arts meaning power and focus.It can be interpreted to mean, To deliver the most effective technique in the shortest and most focussed time possible. Or put another way Bringing all your energy and resources to focus into a specific point at the correct time. Of course there is more to making great software than Kime, (see Skill and Team below) but this simple yet powerful concept is a discipline at the core of every software project.


  • We have engaged Head Start solutions to assist us in optimizing our ERP system and Customer engagement program. We knew we had data available to allow us to make smarter decisions but it was locked in our ERP system and needed a simple fast and reliable way for our heavy users to pull out the data and get it presented in a way that they could make smarter decisions in a shorter time frame. Headstart have become an integral part of our IT solution. The team understand our business and can therefore help us build the right technical solutions not just the solutions we think we need.

    John Kelly, CEO, Max Fashion

  • Capability Group employed Head Start to develop a mobile Enterprise application called Mindseeds. Mindseeds is designed primarily to allow staff within organisations to collaborate in improving organisational performance. It is designed to encourage sharing ideas and creating innovation. Head Start completed the application according to our requirements and within budget and timeframe. They added value throughout the project by way of knowledge of technology as well as general business knowledge. Additionally, Head Start did more than simply follow our ideas for the web site component. They contributed valuable ideas in design and content.

    Murray Prior

  • The team at Head Start partnered with us to provide innovative client options and solutions that enabled us to create a meaningful set of analytics for our client. Their experienced team were able to work effectively with ourselves and client to address a long standing data issue within an agreed timeframe that delivered another level of insight into our clients business.

    Neil Kirk, LSI Consultancy


Got a question? Please drop us a line and we will be get in touch to discuss your project.

Office: +64 (0)9 889 1545 | Mike Colwill: +64 (0)21 783 967

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